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The Lonely Story of a Man Asking for a Second Chance

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

The Lonely Story of a man Asking for a Second Chance

The Lonely Story of a man Asking for a Second Chance

I’m wanting to write a poem
But every word in my head
Sounded like
A recycled rhyme
But then
I reached for my phone
Opened my Instagram
And there
I saw you

It has been 3 years now
Since we officially ended
Both of us decided
If we can’t make each other happy
Then it was best to end it
You ended it
I ended it
It was supposed to be no regrets
But hear me now
There is something I need, and want to confess

I have not talk to you
I don’t know where to start
But I just want you to know
That a piece of my heart
Did not let go

It still remembers fragments
That my heart wants to hold on
Your warm kisses on my chin
And on my lips
Your hair smelled like fresh roses
The feeling of love
As I gently hold your hand
As we both share promises

But the supposedly
You and me
Till death do us part
Had an awful turn
We built a stone castle
But surprisingly it burned

I know I should have said this earlier
It was pride that got in the way
I wanted us to be together
But I was too coward to admit my mistakes

Thus, I hope my poem reaches you in time
I’m afraid that somebody else
Might have taken my place
Though I can wait
I have the patience
No matter how long it takes
I know I don’t own a reservation in your heart

Time and loneliness has taught me lesson
And hopefully you’d appreciate this confession
And if you are reading this poem
Please give me a second chance
A second chance for a brand new start
A second chance to own a piece of your heart

© 2021 Erl Sua

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