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The Loaves of Life

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


To followeth the word of God your Father, don't need earthly intelligence, nothing less and nothing more. If thy heart and soul truthfully committed to his words, the character will follow and everything else.

He Hath come to deliver the hope

Of a worldy kingdom,

which must be undeceived.

The meracle of the loaves was

delivered far and near

there were so many had been attracted.

Then the day of turmoil and pain

cometh to the point in His history was about

to reached.

Where the love in the heart of people

whom he so loved turn to hatred,

their beliefs turn to curses for the christ

forbade them declaring Himself as their king,

The peoples disappointments of their selfish

ambitions Jesus took no measure to avert

the painful crisis knowing all

the turmoil.

Jesus then held his desiring

Followers; not to hope for

earthly rewards.

Jesus himself said to those

who followeth him

" The foxes have holes, and the birds of air have nests; but the Son of man
Hath not where to lay his head.''

The miracle of the Loaves were

deceived and had not been

comprehended, the revelation of a such

will bring with it a closer test.

Those who followeth him wandered

With Jesus for long, yet often doubtful. They always

hoped for a further account of

miracles from Jesus own lips.

In saddened voice He said unto


" ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat the Loaves,
And were filled. "

People seek him for a blurred

Unworthy motive and selfish hopes; for they

had been fed with the Loaves, the reason of

continual seeek of Jesus merely for

temporal material selfish benefit,

these echoed and saddened His heart.

Let these be not your highest interest

to provide the life, your chief effort

must be seeking for spiritual food.

The righteous Savior Jesus bade them

" labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth
Unto everlasting life. ''


Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on April 09, 2021:

Great night to you Sir Mark, thanks for stopping by.

The wonder of how it saddened him, none words can tell.

Blessings to you and your family....

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on April 09, 2021:

So true, Treshty.

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on April 09, 2021:

A beautiful day to you Ms Woods,

Thank you so so much for the generous comment. My heart is smiling, lots of love and kisses.

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on April 09, 2021:

A wonderful day to you Sir Manatita,

It saddens my heart too, I also fail him daily but I keep on going and be better.

Thank you so so much Sir for including your view in your comment truly appreciated. Blessings and much love!

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on April 09, 2021:

Thanks a lot my beautiful friend Misbah, you are always appreciated (wink) love and kisses ....

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on April 09, 2021:

An awesome day to you Ms Pamela, I am more happy knowing you enjoyed it. Kisses and much much love

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 09, 2021:

Everlasting life is the goal of this one, and you have portrayed the life of Jesus beautifully, along with his message.

manatita44 from london on April 09, 2021:

You have summarised the spiritual life in your last couple of sentences. Guru ji says that all Spiritual Masters suffer. They suffer because they come with so much Light and humans remains ungrateful.

Your poem is a mixture of joy and sadness. Lovely write

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on April 09, 2021:

Delightful and soulful poetry, Chrish

You scribbled it very well. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings to you dear friend

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on April 09, 2021:

The spiritual message in this poem is beautiful, Chrish. I enjoyed reading your lovely poem.

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