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The Little Indian Boy Learned About Home While Sitting on His Grandfather's Knee

My name is Ruby, and I live in southern Il. I love to write rhyme, poetry, and fiction.


He often wondered about life beyond the casino infestation

Once upon a time there was a little Indian boy who lived on an allotted reservation

He often wondered about life in the world beyond the casino infestation?

His grandfather sat him on his knee and told him how it used to be

A proud family tradition, dignity and the best was living free

Then one day soldiers came and took their land away

They were forced to travel many miles where they still live today

It was a strange land and it has never felt like home

No hunting buffalo, no river to catch fish and no place to roam

History called it ' The Trail Of Tears '

Babies born, snow falling, many dying, old women still remembers after all these years

When they finally reached their destination

They thought of home and their peaceful cohabitation

Now we read that the young and old drink liquor just to survive

The women work in the casinos or the hotels that house the gamblers who grow wealthy after they arrive

The little Indian boy listened closely while sitting on his grandfather's knee

Wishing for his homeland, but mostly wishing his grandpa could have restful memories.


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