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The Light of Esoteric Poetry. Wednesday's Inspiration 4, to Raymonde Phillipe

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Beach Dawn, Tynemouth

Beach Dawn, Tynemouth

The Dawn Comes Dancing

Discarded now, is the earth’s veil of sorrow.

Sent by Love, my Beloved came, watering our roots

With tears, appealing to the Heart’s oneness.

At last, the song-bearers flirt and the dawn

Comes dancing, on tomorrows vision of the Beyond.

Everywhere the soul’s beauty, beats the

Drum of victory sweet. Pandora’s Box is

Sealed and the genie of night is vanquished.

A dazzle of Light resounds across the new

Jerusalem; as hope whispers of the eternal.

Come! Come! The secret blossoms of lustre emerges;

As the lushness of Jasmines and lavenders, share their

Precious redolence’s with all. Daffodils and tulips, assisted

By zephyrs, create an ambience for the banqueted lovers,

Nestling on the bosom of Joy; dining on the chalice of heavenly wine.

I journey to a far-flung realm, where the fields are like

Nourishing flames, filled with the wonders of Paradise.

By Manatita, The lantern Carrier. 25th March, 2020


What Poetry is

“Character is the colossal hope of human improvement, within and without.” – Sri Chinmoy

“It is just what we inwardly are and outwardly do.” – Sri Chinmoy

Character and personality are interwoven. To the extent that soulful and boundless life-energy is operating in and through the seeker, so too will be his personality. We can only manifest externally, what we internally are and each soul is at his/her own level of development.

In the same way, poetry is an inner expression of our soul, to some extent affected by our culture, environment, karma and life-experiences. It is the sound or music of the soul, expressing itself through movement: songs, art, the utilization of God’s pen on parchment … the indulgencies of sight and other senses.

Poetry expresses itself in myriad forms, based on the level of Consciousness of each seeker. In poetry circles, whenever I see certain poets/poetesses, I know that I will get something on social justice. Again, with others, I will always get something on unrequited love. With a third group I would get something on politics or romance … despair and so forth.

That is why I have over 50 poems on words and poetry themselves and they are all deliberately different. The soul’s expression is unique to its owner and cannot be boxed. Even so, there are certain types of poetry which we identify with as humans and also have our favourites. As long as there is human nature, this cannot be avoided.

I like Elvis and someone else likes John Denver. You like Paul Mc Cartney and someone else likes Ringo Star. What we shouldn’t do, is to compare an Elvis with Clint Eastwood or a Mohammed Ali with a Lionel Messi or Ronaldo. It is much easier to compare mangos with mangos and oranges with oranges, even though both are sweet.

Finally, it is not always necessary to compare. God appeared as giant tidal waves, at different times, manifesting in the one called Christ, the one called Buddha and the one called Rama, let us say, of the same one Consciousness (Spirit/God)

Yet poets are different and we can create a few loose classifications:

The poetry of nature's reverence


Types of poets

  • The Romantic poet speaks essentially of human love, cuteness and charm; despair, fear and loneliness … to name a few.
  • The aesthetic poet is like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren, for she speaks of elegance, beauty, light, exquisites and excellence. Do bear in mind that one class of poetry, may sometimes merge with another, like the salt does with food.
  • The nature poet speaks of beauty, grandeur, wonder and majesty, usually of God but not necessarily so. For some the expression is unconscious, as on a conscious level, they may not believe in anything but the love of nature itself.
  • The rhyming poet, is concerned with metre, flow, mastery … sometimes scholarliness … but again, he too, can merge into another category. There are no hard and fast rules.
  • I will give just one more category – the esoteric or metaphysical poet. The metaphysical poet, is primarily concerned with Light, beauty, Truth and Love – the Higher Love. Yet again, because of his connection with Oneness and with God, he knows that the human love, is nothing but an expression of the Higher Love, even if in a grosser form.

Love is the only impulse for the esoteric poet, driving the Universe, indeed all sentient and non-sentient life. The beggar is looking for Love, as is the drug addict and the prostitute, even though they are all using different means.

Seer-Poet and Visionary Sri Chinmoy

Seer-Poet and Visionary Sri Chinmoy

More about the esoteric poet

The esoteric poet knows that God is the Supreme Artiste, and draws from the Divine constantly. Nevertheless, he also draws from his parents, school, the environment, books and scriptures all his life, even unconsciously, even as an atheist, for such is life. Nevertheless, life is movement, creation, constantly changing, constantly new and so new Light emerges all the time. This is reflected to an extent in my poem above.

To compare the esoteric poets, if at all necessary, one must look at Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Mirabai and Rabia, all mystic poets. For we speak only of God, using images of Light in its many variations: moon, sun, Rainbows, horizon; lustre, effulgence and so forth.

We do the same with music and colours; newness and growth and a host of other images, to give our work that sublimity and loftiness, which is less often so, in the work of the mundane artist. The esoteric poet may seem to be talking about his experiences, while in fact he simply expresses the varying moods of the soul, as he knows that this is common to all.

Finally, the metaphysical poet draws inspiration from his prayer and meditation life; from God … from sleep and in in his waking hours. He draws inspiration by hearing a word or sentence, read or seen and in the silence of the Heart or nature. For the esoteric poet, God is the Supreme Art, as well as the Supreme Artist and he is an instrument in the hands of God. Hope this helps.


My Soul Becomes a Delicate Harp

You came to me in my darkness, lifted me up

From ignorance, embraced me like a father and son.

Now I want to hold You, as close as possible to

My tears, so we can both cry out in ecstasy … as One.

Beloved, fill my Heart with the joys of the prodigal,

Returning to victory in his father’s house.

Grant me the fire of Daniel, Heart burning with

Unshakeable faith, in the middle of a den of lions.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,

Were thrown into a fiery furnace by the King of Babylon.

But You came walking through the flames,

Vanquishing the heat with Your breath of Love.

Aye, my Deliverer, so sweet Thy symphony!

Now my soul becomes a delicate harp,

Echoing the psalms of David;

Adorning the myriad grandeur, of the scarlet moon.

_Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 12th April, 2019.

Types of poetry

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