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The Light of America Salutes us. Sunday's Inspiration 26

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Some Founding Fathers of America


Extracts From Sri Chinmoy's Writings

“O green-blue Sacred Fire,

O Sun Freedom-Light,

O Heaven’s gold Delight,

America, O my child of speed,

My Supreme Promise-Seed.” –Sri Chinmoy.

The Sacred Fire, Act 2, Scene 4, (1975), Agni Pres

Love you, America


Blessed Is the Breath That Love Embraces,

Blessed is the breath that Love embraces,

In this sacred fire of cosmic freedom.

To watch the grandeur of butterflies, flapping

Their wings, with a quintessence of charm.

Blessed is the breath that Love embraces,

Saluting the mystery of awakening dawn.

Heralding the glimmer of another sunrise,

She arrests my river of copious tears.

Awake, awake! O Light of my Heart, the sad

Songs of division, has now been vanquished.

Awaken the rays of my inner beauty, and

Bathe my core with your flood of Delight.

Blessed is the breath that Love embraces,

This pain –my affliction, has now been healed.

I ascend on the wings of my soul’s Citadel,

The moon kissing my cheeks with its lustre.

The sun’s radiance salutes me; glimmering its rays

Of Hope; amidst a celestial candescence embracing

My Being, with a vast arena of ceaseless Love.

- Lantern Carrier. 17th January, 2021


Extracts From Sri Chinmoy's Writings

“The American Declaration of Independence had the pioneer vision of faith, dignity and humanity’s basic needs: equal rights, justice and freedom. Clarity, luminosity and vastness, these the Declaration of Independence embodies. It is not a mere declaration. It is something infinitely more. It is the freedom-cry of humanity’s aspiration-day from the frustration-night of ignorance” The Bicentennial Flames at The United nations, (1976), Agni Press.


On America

America is a dynamic country and has achieved in a few years, what it would take some countries life-times to do. It believes in speed ... in making mistakes and by so doing, allowing itself to arise from the ground once more and push forward stronger.

America also has stamina, for the seeds of the Founding Fathers, adventurers and visionary poets ... of Emerson, Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington, have already been planted into it. Add Kennedy and the celebrated poets and you get clarity, vision, enthusiasm and high ideals.

Each country has a soul and the soul of America wants to fly to the infinite vast; to embrace the tape of oneness ... togetherness. May the seeds sown in the soul-soil of America, continue to sprout and multiply, even while envisioning the Beyond.

My thoughts are a brief expression of much larger ideas shared by Sri Chinmoy, the visionary, as sourced below:

Source: A Glimpse Into Sri Chinmoy’s Vision of America, Part 2. Tuesday's Inspiration 10, to a Most Soulful Marlene Bertrand. - LetterPile - Writing and Literature.

A Glimpse Into Sri Chinmoy's Vision of America, Part 1. Monday's Inspiration 70 - LetterPile - Writing and Literature

Extracts from the Writings of Sri Chinmoy

O Dignity-Majesty-Divinity-reality-flooded Soul of American Liberty! These are the good, better, best qualities of the real America, the America which is to raise the consciousness of the world, and why I came here. This is the America I envisioned in India. “Beautiful” – the real Beauty of the Absolute Supreme, universal Beauty of the Supreme, America the country embodies. (Last visited 5th April, 2010.)

The Necessity of Hope

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