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The Light That Sanctifies: A Poem

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


Please remember, there are no sinners, only brothers and sisters who took the wrong turn and need our Love to guide them back Home.

— Sean Dragon

At the hour of my biggest need

In the darkness of my desolation

Where, carelessly, I had been driven

By the demons of my condemnation

Where my Heart was melting down

In the bleak abyss of my despair

Under the unbearable burden

Of my sins' unbreathable air

I believed that Love not exists

Only pain, pain and lies

And undelivered lust

Dragging me in front of Thanatos' eyes


Then a spark in me, a Godly spark

Flashed to me of His recall

And I turned to Him, looking for hope

Even just right before the fall

"Oh! my Lord, I only ask for a sign

A moment of pure Love and Light

Show me that somewhere the Sun of Grace

Through Love still illuminates the Night."

Suddenly a glorious brilliance overwhelmed my Soul,

A place of unimaginable beauty appeared in my sight

Love, pure Love welled up around me and above

And I let myself soar in this Sacred Light

I yearned to fill, that one and only moment,

My whole existence with this Virgin Glow

I turned to Him and humbly spoke

"My Lord, I thank You, I praise You, now I know."

"I know that, no matter how far from me,

There is a place where Love and Light reign

Thank you for resurrecting the hope in me

In another life, out of this abyss, I'll be there again."


Then, He spoke to me, Light within the Light:

"My beloved Brother, My Father's son

Open your eyes, you keep them shut,

Open to see her Heart's Divine Sun."

He spoke to me, Love within the Love:

"Open your eyes to see, you do are in this place

It is her Heart the world you long to live,

You spend already, every moment, in this Grace."

He spoke to me, Grace within the Grace:

"Open your eyes and Heart and stop to strife

With false shadows and delusive demons

See! Is her Love that sanctifies all of your life!"

The Story Behind These Verses

Love saves lives! I know it by experience because Love has saved mine.

Many years before, in my late twenties, I had made some choices which had driven me into the darkness and despair. I had almost been convinced that there was no reason to continue "to infect" this world with my presence. Then, the miracle of Love changed my life forever and delivered me from that abyss which I thought I was in, to the bliss of my today life.

The Light, which became the beacon to me, was the Light of my wife's Heart, the Sun of her unconditional Love along with the Love of my Brother, Jesus! She stood there by my side when she had any right to leave me, and showed me with her Love the way back to life.

When I came back to the Light, I wrote this poem as a dedication to my saviours. I want to share it with you as a reminder that no matter how far we have gone, always, but always, there is a way back to the happiness. All we have to do is to open our eyes and see the Light! The Light is eternally there for us! Follow the Light of His Love!

And please remember, there are no sinners, only brothers and sisters who took the wrong turn and need our Love to guide them back Home.

The verb "sin" in ancient Greek - αμαρτάνω (amartano) - means "I lose my goal."

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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