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The Life of the Unattached Individual Syndrome

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started the day with a rather discombobulated notion

Head and body linked together, but not very harmoniously

Searching for something or someone to connect with

Free flowing energy source with no attachment capabilities

Not sure if it was by accident or purely intentional

Hard to say what was going on inside the mind of a skeptic

Someone who once believed in love, but has gotten disgusted by it

Left their heart exposed to the elements and a wolf in sheep's clothing

Devoured it in one gulp after a particularly arduous day

Only bloody breadcrumbs remained of the once vibrant organ

Transformed into a sun starved shriveling mess of a person

Paler in complexion than ever before or since

Holding onto to fleeting memories when they were happier

When their heart still beat inside their body and smiles ever present

Trapped in a rainy sunless daylight where joy went to die

Sounded a little bitter in a resentful kind of way

Furthest from the whole truth; just a changed person

Looking to form a new identity forced upon them by someone else

Erasing the stigma from the only remaining gifts from them

Holding onto them not for the memories, but for a new version of themselves

Seemed silly to be holding onto a past that will never return

Felt like it was important to maintain some type of value from this failed venture

Clutching tokens of a bygone period when sun was shining bright

Birds chirped to a ridiculously mindless tune of joyful noise

Had a desire to wear anything other than blues, blacks, and greys

A purpose to clean house other than for appearance's sake

Becoming a workaholic to stem the tides of loneliness

Fearing that they were right that there was nothing to offer except work and family

A social pariah with little to give except mindless chatter about movies and TV

Wondered when this feeling of emptiness would go away

More than likely just a case of the rainy day blues

A byproduct of two days of continuous rain and gloom

Desperate for some good old fashion natural light

Won't likely happen due to people who love to lower the workplace blinds

Taking it moment by moment until the clock strikes five o'clock

Ready for the week to conclude a lot better than it began

Drawing a deep breath and counting moment to leave down

Bag is packed and itching to run out the door sooner rather than later.

Can't get enough sunlight to wash the sadness away.

Can't get enough sunlight to wash the sadness away.

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