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Poem: The Laugh that Haunted them All

My name is Candice Ballinger, and I am a published author and poet.


A Ghost Left Undressed Wrapped in Her Bare Flesh

I tip my hat to all those who live for the thrill of the chase. Racing through the open crowds, coming in contact with the faces of past lovers. Chugging nearly a gallon of spent ammo. Fighting to move in my boxes full of shame into his dorm room. Replacing tattered sheets soaked in his blood, oh how it drips into puddles onto the hardwood floor. Laminate flooring disguised as wood, Not even close to being waterproof to keep out the liquescent pain that continues to drip from this fabric. My fever took hold of me lacing me in sweat dropped around my body. I strip to unwind positioning myself in front of the old metal box fan plugged in above the computer desk. Relishing in the cool breeze as it singes my aching skin. Breathless and broken I wait for morning to arrive to calm my sorrows, may the fog lift from my sins and free me from my transgressions. Saddle up for a new beginning, my bones are learning to regenerate here in this lonely land of hopeless chatter. I beckon for him to release me from his grip so I can fly, fly far from here. Stretching above to the heavens like an eagle in flight searching for its morning prey. My wings flapping intuned to the beat of the shaman's drum. Oh, how it breaks my soul, trusting in loyalty only meant for the lucky.

© 2021 Candice Yates