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The Last Two Decades

Gel has been trying to write poems since she read Slammed by Colleen Hoover in 2013.

"If my wings could fly high"

"If my wings could fly high"

The Last Two Decades

Finally, finally
She stretched her frown
Finally, finally
She was flying down

| -.-- --- ..- |

People thought she was tough
They never saw, they never heard
That she has had enough
Until she screamed and stirred

Perfect: that's her life
Through the envious eyes
Miserable and full of strife
They never heard her cries

She has always been
The kid they all adore
Disguising her sin
She's always behind the door

'Her parents reared her well'
Is what they always say
'My life seems like hell'
That's what her eyes betray

She was never the girl
Who loved the crowd
She's a pretender; go hurl!
And she isn't proud

Her failures are her secret
Her attitude is a mask
Her talent is a forced outlet
Of what? Don't ask.

Many years she endured
Many years she bled and mend
Many years, people were lured
Many years has come to an end

Now she's all alone
Out in a room of a building so tall
The crowd below will groan
Once she begin to fall

She stepped on the ledge
And looked at the ground
She remembered her pledge
Her heart begins to pound

| -.. . ... . .-. ...- . |

Something pulled her back
Then hugged her tight
She stared in shock
When the girl stepped into the light

She saw her reflection
Albeit a little older
"You need to pay attention"
Even her voice sounds bolder

"You will find your light
You will find the right crowd
You will fight
You will make yourself proud

You still have a lot of things to do
Lots of things to see
Lots of good things you'll knew
That'll make you genuinely happy

Throw away this mask
Use that fear to be stronger
Don't live life like it's a task
Make it a hobby, rather

You were never meant to be perfect
You don't have to pretend anymore
Go live your life, don't be too strict
You're a good person down to the core

Love yourself
And you'll never be unloved
Love yourself
And you'll never be shoved

To this dark edge again
I must go now
But I'm giving you this pen
To be the one to endow

Solace to yourself and to others
You can draw or write
You'll do wonders
You'll be your own light

'The dawn before the sun rises is the darkest'
And this is your dawn breaking
Slowly pushing the darkness
Your sun will soon be waking

So please remember your oath
To live your life until the end
Be patient with your growth
You will surely transcend"

| .-.. .. ..-. . |

She found herself sitting down
With a pen in her hand
She writes without a frown
And her wings start to expand

Finally, finally
She can be free
And they can't tell her forcefully
Who she ought to be

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