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The Last Fighting Dragon

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon

Fire burns as the castle scorches from the dragon’s breath

Men in armor with shiny swords and fire arrows fighting till death

Women screams echoes from below hiding in secret caves

As the men battle the last dragon in his days

Shiny Armor dented as claws rip them away

Instant cremation of many soldiers as the breath of the dragon sprays

The king decked in golden Armor imprinted with the royal seal

Determined to make out of the fire breather a dogs meal

“Get ready men, here she comes again. Let us inflict more pain!”

The king shouted as the men roar in agreement

Fire balls launched into the air at the dragon,

As she came in like a thousand legions

She roared with anger and hated all men

For they had slaughtered her family time and time again

They killed them for glory, some men killed for wealth and fame

But one thing the dragon believed, all men were evil the same

She wanted them dead, nothing to spare

As fire blew from her breath heating the air

“FIRE!” said the king. The fire balls were launched

As the dragon tried to manoeuvre the killing avalanche

She got struck in the right wing and fell like a comet to the ground

As the men launched more brutal attacks, the dragon drowned

She was bleeding, tired and had no fight left

The men saw victory and shouted as the dragon wept

The men stroked her and hammered her like an old cart

Then the king drew his sword and plunged it into her heart

The last dragon had died, now the legend has seized

Because now no one will remember this great beast.

© 2019 Clive Williams