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The Last Captain (in Response to the Rhyming Words Challenge by Chris Mills)

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.


A fellow hubber Ann's response took me to the original challenge by Chris.

The challenge was about using the following words in a poem that have no apparent rhyming words, and finding the closest words that rhyme with them.

  • silver
  • purple
  • month
  • ninth
  • pint
  • wolf
  • opus
  • dangerous
  • marathon
  • discombobulate

Whenever I hear the word silver, it reminds me not of the shiny metal, but of the character Long John Silver, from the classic "Treasure Island". I always had a wish to offer a tribute in my own way to Stevenson's most popular work, and now I got my chance, thanks to this challenge.

The Poem

His name was Long John Silver

As the dawn turned to dusk

His blabber became glibber

On the grill, he was intense

A deceived chop, with sauce purple

Beets he placed instead of meat

Made the crew’s mouths gurgle

They sailed on the fourth month

Anchored on the ninth

At the island hundred-and-oneth

The treasure may not bind

John’s mean men went deep

From the forest howled a wolf

Gripping his wooden leg

John made a maddening swoop

Out came hares and boars

The pirates danced, fine dined

Barrels of rum de-boarded

All got more than a pint

No treasure and barrels empty

John’s crew set sail

Battling through tides dangerous

The ambience on board mutinous

It all happened at midnight

Rebel loose, the men broke

John’s wooden leg askew

A new voyage, a new marathon

Began with the new dawn

A new captain to be named

A new chef to lay the fire

The story narrated by my niece

Got my mind to discombobulate

Fierce drama, in a little mind

Fire in a glass, did encapsulate

I sit here, by my warm hearth

Dedicating a piece of the opus

To the last of the bold pirates

John, the captain ferocious

© 2018 Rinita Sen

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