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The Language of Love


The language of love

A man who boasts about his future
Has not flipped through the pages of life
He's like a woman who do not know her language
But takes pride in speaking another
When words are hidden in whispers
You must strip it naked to understand it
Take a pen and pour its contents on paper
Tell your sons and daughters these words
'The world is a ball that turns round and round'

I met a man who fell from the seat of grace
He bleeds alone like a festered wound
No one wants to look at his face
Walking down the road, I heard his story
It smells like a heap of fart corked in a bottle

The heart that is evil did not start at once
Every day you pray to your gods
But you cannot help a man or woman in need
Because he wears a different skin color
You prefer to watch him starve to death
You take a knife to his throat
Spill blood for your inert gods
Because he is not a member of your religion
Your heart is a dark room
A dungeon where no soul survives
You do not deserve to live
Go and learn the language of love.

Alexander Thandi Ubani

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