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The Land of the Ulterior Motive

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Stuck in a place where everyone bore two sides

Of very different coins; one rough and the other smooth

Hidden jagged edges meant to protect from harsh elements

The Janus myth of duality entered the foreground today

Realized that everyone had multiple sides of them

One only the public can see; and a private one knew too a few

Those who can withstand just about any curveball extreme

Thrown their way that would make reasonable people fold

At the sight of such darkness and circumstantial nature

Illness and tragedy often brought out the best and worst of people

Those who stuck around; while those who ran from it

Cowardice and twisted impulse hard to fathomable features

Human nature at its weakest and most disturbed

Realized that not everyone fell into those two categories

Mind and optimism polluted from news programs

Where information flooded airwaves that gave little to hope for

Greater mystery was finding if positivity still existed on airwaves

Mostly in reruns and syndicated programs of course

Watching true crime television informed of real events

Also, made it very difficult to find people with good intentions

Everyone seemed to work on a dark hidden agenda

Greed and anger seemed to be the driving forces of crime

Been alone for too long to know about decent human interaction

Alienated from the world due to reasonable circumstances

Laser focused on what was in front and not behind

Not paranoid enough to look on all sides for boogeymen

Rational to not be that worried about strangers in the woodwork

Looking to come out and scare the living daylights out of you

Decided to land on subjects that caused laughter and smiles

Instead of trembling in disgust over mysterious monsters

That went bump in the night; every single night

Improper way to live life as it started to crawl back to normal

Shut the door and padlocked it so the internal cynic

Didn't have free reign over future decisions and meetings

Prepared to do what it takes to inject some positivity back into things

80s music and everything neon to help matters

Just hoping no one around to take pictures.

A distinctive voice in unique times.

A distinctive voice in unique times.

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