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The Land That Wastes Her Talents #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Traveled out of her island

Traveled out of her island

While 13% of their regular followers while answering the survey questions chose option

Two which states that “it is fairly of higher standard than the previous edition and the

Remaining percentage chose one out of the three left options. From this statistical finding

They discovered that the best that individual members have inputted into the song, music,

Yea the program made little or no impact in improving their global rating which therefore

Have the following implications: first, if they had made no changes had presented their

Songs like the previous year, it will yet be same and two that they cannot offer what they

Do not have. they now saw the impact of education, and appreciate the undergraduate’s

Input into their work the previous year for doing what she did to make the music a world

Class one. They have been looking forward to her being a part of the preparation

Again and they are glad that she eventually could make it to the preparation for the

Program. She soon swung into action with others and all the counsels she offered

During the preparation again were taken into serious considerations, the ones they

Thought would not work they rub minds together to know how they could go about it

And afterwards reaching a consensus on the suggestion and they were good to go in

Their preparations. The choir members’ spirits were high with all their instruments

In order by the time the songs would be rendered. It was therefore not surprising that

When they celebrated the Service of songs that year everyone who was in attendance

Did not want to program to end. While the editing and other things about the record

Would be finished and uploaded to the social media, the rating of the choir changes from

The earlier position as 95% of the respondents who answers the survey replied that the

Song was first of its kinds in their music while some even adds that they are yet

To listen and view that kind of music globally till date. Many organizations would

Afterwards send letters of invitations to them to come and minister at their programs

And they have received offers from outside their continent to come and minister too.

They received award locally and internationally from different organizations, individuals

And groups to boost their morale and support the progress of the group. This development

Makes the lady to reflect on her status and decides that she can turn her talent of song

Composition into gold. She arrives at this after one of their trips and she heard while

Sharing memorable moments with people that those who compose songs in that island

Are in a special class and they are making it big in their island. Since she has been

Fruitless in her sought for jobs she decided to explore this option because she knows

That she composes songs with ease and she has passion for music. However, she discovers

That in her island when she tries to monetize her composition for some musicians

They turned down the offer and would not accept it. As the world has become a global

Place through the social media she resorts to the person she has met with while on

Jotta .A - Agnus Dei ♫ Hallelujah - aleluya♪(Amazing voice!!)

Musical tour with her team and wants him to link her up with some of those who would

Appreciate her works there. She was linked with the group and he started composing songs

For the group, while the group also sends her, her share of the remunerations. However,

She gets connected with a singer who values her work and would personally write her

That her work fetched him hundreds of dollars, thus, he wants to compensate him better, by

Sending thousands of dollars to her. If the money be converted to her currency it is in

Hundreds of millions of her island’s currency. She supplied the details of her account,

But the singer meets with a brick wall while trying to send the sum. Since the huge sum could

Not be sent, he sends little sum telling her he has fixed the money for her, when she happens

To get out of her country on concert like before, she will be able to get the money. The

Group she writes for considers it that if she can have more room to operate, she will in no

Mean measure help the group’s growth, thus, they arrange for her traveling documents.

She left the island and was contributing immensely to the growth of the entertainment

In the new island. When she gets out of her island then she learnt that she was not the first

That would experience such feat in the hands of the leaderships of her island for there have

Been many like that, and one way or another they had left the island to another where

Their talents have been appreciated and could make positive impacts during their own time.

She thinks of her love for her country, but she can no longer continue to suffer there it is

Better she leaves as others have left, she said within herself in the new island she

Now resides in because the primary things on the minds of the leaderships of her island

Is to promote and satisfy their cronies, anyone who is outside their circuit, does not belong

To their team is not considered to be in existence, like others in the land where talents and

People’s lives matter, I shall also matter and make it there, she says to herself….