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The Land That Wastes Her Talents #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She has been trying to financially meet up with her peers after graduation from

The institution but it becomes extremely hard for her to do and then she was

Called by her peers in her local church that she was attending that there shall be

Service of songs, and as she has been partaker of the past events, the leaderships of

The choir seemly finds it fit that she should be notified of the program and if she is

Free during the period she is enjoined to be present at the program, and perhaps she

May want to feature in the program. The notification got to her about six weeks

Before the program, and since she has for months been pursuing different establishments

To secure an employment she thinks she should use the next four weeks to join others

In worshiping her creator in her local assembly in her native land. Two weeks after

Receiving the information, with no positive result from any of the establishments

Written to, she decides to leave the central quarters for the remote area where her island

You Say

Is. On getting to the island, she was warmly received back by her peers. When the

People in her local assembly know that she is back their joy knew no bounds because they are

Yet to find a suitable replacement for her position among the choristers. In addition to this

They believe she shall add elite “touches”: postures, compositions, counsels to their

Preparation to make the song they shall render a world class song that people who live in

Other continents shall love and may ordered for through the social media. The simple

And straightforward suggestions she proffered while she was yet an undergraduate

They are yet reaping the fruits till date because people from other islands call them to

Appreciate their works not to talk about some monetary values associated with these that

Have entered the group’s purse yea the church. As from that time the church’s status

Locally and internationally has changed with many looking forward to their annual

Service of songs. They were unable to make appreciable innovations into their music and

Songs the previous year, not because they did not try but the common word that says

“No one can offer what she or her does not have”, was better understood by them that

Year because all of them gave their bests to the preparation, but about 85% of their followers

On social media who after watching and listening to their presentations and were asked to

Answer the survey questions on line, chose option three which states that the presentation

“Was just like the previous edition”.


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