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The Ladybug's Birthday Party

Lora has been a featured writer in poetry publications. She is currently working on a collection of poems that feature ladybugs.


Birthday Parties - A Celebration of Life

This article is my response to a word prompt by Brenda Arledge. The word prompt is life. I've read some wonderful poems written by hub friends for this challenge, each one offering a unique perspective on this multi-faceted topic. Life can be quite serious and sad at times, but it can also offer us much happiness and fulfillment as we take time to celebrate important events in both our lives and in our children's. And because life is full of birthdays from the time we first enter this new world right up to our last birthday and all of the birthdays in-between, many which have brought significant changes to our lives, I have decided to write a poem celebrating birthdays.

I've chosen ladybugs to celebrate the miracle of life not only in our personal lives but all life in its amazing diversity on our beautiful blue planet. What would are lives be if not for the other awesome life forms from the little ladybug to all the magnificent creatures that fill our sky, land, and seas!

I have also chosen ladybugs to represent us in this birthday celebration as my grandson for his recent birthday wanted a ladybug-themed birthday party. I hope that you will enjoy the following poem, "The Ladybug's Birthday Party."

The Ladybug's Birthday Party

The ladybug wakes up

and remembers,

it is a most special day-

her friend's birthday

is today.

Her abode,

a sweet little rose

with crystal droplets of dew,

reflect sunlit petals

into a rainbow of hue.

Now she must hurry,

no time to tarry,

as she makes cupcakes-

vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry;

making a pot of rose hips tea,

she spices it ever so carefully.

She then tidies up-

picking a fresh

bouquet of buttercup

to place on her table,

with party favor

for little bugs to savor.

Ribbons are hung

and balloons strung

to celebrate such an occasion...

she hears the doorbell ring,

the guests have arrived-

oh, what presents they bring!

Then they all dance to a tune

that the ladybug wrote,

by the light of the full moon,

ending on a most harmonious note

as they all sing "Happy Birthday to you!"

-Lora Hollings


Celebrate Your Life Every Day

Everyone enjoys Birthday celebrations no matter what age they are and what a lovely way to tell someone you love that their life has special meaning to you.
But how about celebrating your life as if everyday is your Birthday? Each day is a chance to start fresh, to set new goals, and learn new skills. We can celebrate each day by appreciating the gift of life that we have been given no matter what our age! We can try to write a poem or a story, learn a new word, take an art or craft class, learn a new language, take an algebra class or how about a health class or cooking class? Think of all the the new things that we can learn about. Life offers us such opportunities for growth and finding our own unique path. The more we try new things, the more we enjoy life and appreciate it for the miracle it is. We may start a whole new career that we find more rewarding than the one we had before simply by learning new things and discovering more about ourselves.

Look at the beauty of a leaf or flower, cherish your family members, give people you love a hug and receive a comforting hug in return, get involved as a volunteer visiting nursing homes, helping out at your local animal shelter, tutoring children in reading, math, writing or an academic area that you may be good at, or just cooking a weekly meal for a disabled neighbor. And how about just listening to those who just need an sympathetic soul. You will be surprised at how rewarding any of these activities can be. Helping others in need can often help us feel better about our own lives. And if we find ourselves in a position of needing emotional support ourselves and we can’t get it from our own family, there are groups we can join who will listen and help. We just need to reach out.

In His Eyes I see the Beauty In the World

In my grandson’s eyes, I see the beauty of the world and the joy he experiences when he is learning a new skill. If he has a fall, he just gets right up and continues on his way. In life, we all take falls but we often let them discourage us from trying again. Sometimes, we have to fail many times before we master a skill. Persistence and dedication enable us to learn and overcome our weaknesses. We need to adopt the attitude that young children have about life. You just have to keep trying and you will eventually succeed.


Miracles by Coldplay

© 2021 Lora Hollings

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