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The Lady Of My Life

I will make
the greatest
decision of all.
It's time
to let go
of my little angel.
The beauty
that stays by my side
for most, if not all
of her life.
Even if I know
that it wrecks my heart
to set her free
from my hands,
I also understand that
freedom is all she needs
and if,
I ever wanted her to keep
my memories,
my words,
my notions,
and everything else
I made before her eyes
I would give
and not at all hesitate.
To provide such previlege
to the lady of my life.
The queen who carries
a crown much brilliant
than any gem.
And whose heart
shines more than
the sun.
Because if I ever
made a single mistake
of stopping her from
and learning
from the external world.
If I cut off her curiosity,
I know she'll cut off
her devotion for me.
I fear she might
lose the brilliancy
of her imagination.
loss her eagerness
to live fully,
smile wholeheartedly
love unconditionally.

© 2019 Shing Araya

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