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The Lady in Blue

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


I didn’t know,

At the time,

How I found myself there,

In that forrest,

Filled to the brim with trees,

The gorgeous greens massaged my eyes,

Such a beautiful color,

Even more beautiful was who stood before me:

The lady in blue

We stared at each other,

Examining one another.

For her,

Possibly deciding if I was a threat.

But for me,

I was trapped in a trance,

For she was the definition of stunning:

Dark brown hair,

Green eyes that even rival the artistry of our surroundings,

Various pieces of jewelry

That only acts as compliments

For the beautiful blue sundress she sported.

A blue that makes your heart skip a beat,

Or was that just her altogether?

I waved at her,

Attempting to appear as harmless as possible.

She smiled,

(What a beautiful sight that was),

And that’s when her eyes spoke to me.

They said,

“Follow me.”


She started to run through the trees,

Perfectly dodging roots

Like she had done this a million times over.

I followed her,

Less elegantly,

Sometimes tripping and stumbling.

But whenever I thought I lost her,

My heart directed me in the right direction.

It was truly magical.

We soon arrived at a park.

A park that resembled that of the one from my old elementary school,

Except on a grander scale.

She motioned me to the swings,

An activity I hadn’t even thought to return to in years,

Let alone actually do.

We reached unimaginable heights.

We even made a little competition out of it

(I won).

Eventually, she floated from her swing to the ground,

And I leaped a moment after.

Then was the slides.

The slide was massive,

A true sight to see.

You took my hand and insisted I go first.

Honestly, I was a little scared,

But she warmed my cold fear to a fiery hot confidence.

So I went down it,

And it seemingly made me go speeds NASCAR drivers could only dream of going.

You followed me shortly after,

Giggling the entire time.

A wondrous sound.

Finally, she directed me to the top of this hill,

And we simply laid there,

Heads across from each other,

Staring at the sky that complimented her dress,

Watching the clouds,

Trying to compare them to other objects,

Until she got up.

Confused at first,

I got up too.

She took my hands,

And her eyes began to count,

“One, two…”

At three, we started to roll and tumble down the hill,

Laughing all the way down.

It was like we regained the happiness only children can muster,

That happiness before the knowledge of true pain has been revealed.

We ended with me on top of her,

Eyes locked in a dance.

I stared at her eyes,

Her eyes stared at mine,

And they didn’t need to say a word,

For I already knew what they wanted to say.

I closed my eyes,

While she pulled me closer.

Our lips were magnets,

Getting closer and closer together,

And just before they touched,

A foul,



Disgusting sound played.

A sound I know all too well,

For my eyes sprung open quickly

And I quieted my alarm.

I attempted to return

To my own personal Eden,

To the world with the lady in blue,

But it was gone,

All but a fleeting memory now.

I was back alone,

In my room.

The time for dreams was over.


It was time for nightmares.

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