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The Knotted Chains of Letters

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring new things and much more.....


In every nook and cranny of her shelf

Some feelings find refuge

Under the shadowy delight of the cage

They render her perplexed & confused

Her inability to understand

Why an unusual smile knocks at her face

Why, even in mere thoughts of his

She finds solace

Even the darkest of nights are glittery

When looked through her eyes

Even the cloudy nights have constellations

If you can peep into her skies

(This might be because...)

Her capering thoughts in the dancing breeze

Had tickled her heart & muddled her shelf

The jumbled feelings, thus,

Are found tooting at the ears that fell deaf

The shelf, still being piled with those feelings,

Posts letters to her mind through veins

Heedlessly she walks forth

Without even trying to untangle the knotted chains (of jumbled letters 'L'*'V'*'O'*'E')..... : )