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The Knife of 'There Is No God but God'


The Knife

A thousand thought-desires haunt you

Like tentacles reaching out of the ether
From the center of the self, crawling outwards

This whole creative process of mental objects
From inception, to conclusion
Watching the sun set on each and every scenario
This 'living in the mind' is also called
'Following the dog of desire'
Or 'eating the brains of an ass'

The knife of the inner meaning of "There is no god but God"
Can carve a holy circle, like a master surgeon
Setting you free from all fetters of wayward thought
bringing you back to the serene waters

Surrender your mind on the Way of Truth
And behold!
The One desire to rule them all
The One need to satisfy them all
The One love to trump them all

You may choose to not pay heed
And continue your days in anguish and misery
But the day of decay approaches
And the choice must be made
A life can either be fully spiritual
Or not at all

Stop jumping back and forth between
so many masters.
Stop peddling your goods to every purchaser


© 2019 Mo Durrani

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