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The Kitten Colony

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If you have come here — you've already
signed a letter of consent: the letter
contains details about what jobs
you'll have to do — clean the floor, wash
dishes and clothes. . . you have to be
extra careful about tea (and other
such things) — if even a drop
falls on your shirt, you can not do
much about it — neither you can
change the shirt and wear a fresh
new one — you have been given only
one shirt for a contract of a lifetime.

You've come here walking across a garden
of roses.
But in that garden, there was also a library
of (old and rare) manuscripts and books;
you didn't read them.

If you've come here — it means
that you want it — if you didn't
want it, you wouldn't have signed
the contract: the signet of that contract
has its marks all over your body: on your
chest, on the lower portion of your
body, on your fingernails.
For 500 years black~livid clouds
had covered the horizons, in a city
in Burma. Then it rained. It rained
for five weeks continuously.
When the rain ceased, a golden tower
of clouds surfaced on the south-east
Horizon. You walked nonstop for a month,
and reached the sea.
By the sea, there was a cave. You entered
inside — there was a colony of kittens
mewling and puking in the incandescent
Inside this cave — there were information
and instructions engraved in the walls: it
talked about a Touchstone,
pearls and gems, gold and silver, and
many a (hidden) treasures.
You come out of the cave — and dive deep
inside the depths of the ocean. Finally, you have
known what is the cause of all things — and
where to find it.

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