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The King Of Nothing


Act's like a king with his words so highly.
And he doesn't care at all but only and only about his money.
And many are his friends that surrounds him like a dog in the..
Army, In his hands they are tied up
And his teeth's are at their neck ready to bite, they don't move like a dummy.

Such slavery in the eyes of poverty
Still rancorous please move on look for peace in cemetery.
Schizophrenia you lost touch with reality how poor it can be..
Sober mind is gone feels like insanity.

Hold on wait a minute..
Have mercy on your people don't take away their food on the table.
Hear them out please don't be blind, your the..
Only one who has the power to make them feel alive..
Listen closely to what I say Let them live a life and don't let them go astray.
Even if the king is seated on his throne he is but only man and won't last long.
Evil is just around, it's better to have true friends to save the ground.

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