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The Kangaroo Court of a Nominee

Nominee's Court


The Nominee by the Kangaroo Court to install a Judiciary

A lyrical poem of the illegal Nominee for Supreme Court by a Kangaroo Court

The Kangaroo Court

The day the Kangaroo Court convened

To vote on the president’s nominee

The Kangaroos were feeling real mean

Because a mere woman appeared on the scene

She told of the nominee’s outbreak

Her virtue and perhaps her life at stake

Dr. Blasey told her story of abuse

Before the angry Kangaroos

Who sat stone faced their venom ready to spew

Glaring at the victim who they wanted to skew

One Kangaroo turned into a man

He was the one to take a stand

The other Kangaroos call him a Flake

Sen. Flake ask for time for the FBI to investigate

But behind their backs in his underhand

The president gave the FBI a different command

The FBI was given a week to seek out to whom they would speak

The knew with whom they were not allowed

To speak, with the accused or the accuser

One Senator said with a roar

I voted for Kegan and Sotomayor

I wouldn’t do to them what they did to this man

But he did not mention President Obama’s rightful nominee

Merrick Garland, who did not have a say

The GOP swore to have President Obama’s right to pick a Justice taken away

The nominee hurried to the oval office

To learn from the master of blaming women for their private parts he grabs

And portrays himself a victim as at the women he would stab

With his tears and snarling face

He claimed he was the one who was debased

He said democrats are a mob of disgrace not members of the human race

This is the way of the Kangaroo Court

They don’t care how or who they hurt

As they cast the virtue of women into the dirt

Because the nominee’s raging hormones got out of hand

Even when he SWORE for all Americans he would stane

As he bowed to the Kangaroo band.

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