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The Joys of Summer

Ravi Shankar Rajan is a software program director who writes on varied subjects from history, archaeology to leadership and poetry.

Summers Are Fun in India

Indian summers are brutal and unrelenting with temperatures reaching upwards of 45 degrees celsius in some areas. The blistering heat saps out the energy from the fittest of mortals.

But that said, summers are also the time when we bond together big time and engage in little joys of life, from eating ripe, succulent mangoes, indulging in bonhomie around campfires to celebrating with gusto, Holi, the beautiful festival of colors. Summers are also one of the best times for us to devote time to house cleaning activities or even playing our favorite games in the maddening heat.

Here are some haikus that celebrate the joys of Summer. Needless to say, all the haikus are inspired by Brenda Arledge's week-27 prompt "Summer".

Eating a Fresh Mango

Rouged lips, who cares,
As she devours with relish,
the fresh, ripe mango.

Waking Up to See the Sunrise

Pond of red iris,
reflecting my new, calm self,
greeting the sunrise.

Swimming in the Nude

Pink, red lotuses
infuse power into me.
swimming in the nude.

Staring at the Flames of a Campfire

Loud guests, harried host,
all quiet, contemplating,
over a campfire.

Gathering Flowers

Sounds of cicadas,
piercing the nippy morning,
gathering flowers.

Walking on the Sand

squelching underneath,
wet sands soothen my frayed nerves,
walking barefoot.

Cleaning Time

Cleaning a drawer,
my best memories peep out.
Ah, tranquility!

Sleeping Blissfully

Tiring soccer game,
Sleeping within fresh, clean sheets,
madness locked away.

Happy Holi

Bright colors, warm vibes,
in every nook and corner.
Happy Holi to all.

Writing on the Sand

Writing on the sand,
my own list of simple joys
Pure relaxation.

© 2021 Ravi Rajan

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