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Grateful Hearts! Creative Writing

Gratitude for even the most minute and simplest things in our lives, will open up our understanding to just how blessed we truly are!

Grateful Hearts, Short Story


Shining Star - Earth, Wind, and Fire

The Star

Grateful Hearts

I looked up into the midnight sky,

and there I saw a falling-star,

and this falling-star

just kept falling!

This falling-star fell right out

of the midnight sky,

and directly into my hands!

Grateful Hearts

Blue Night

Blue Night

The Question

My friend, who was beside me,

asked me in a trembling voice,

"What are y-y-you going to do

w-w-with that s-s-star?"

Grateful Hearts

Purple Night

Purple Night

The Answer

I looked down at the breathing,

twinkling, star that I held

within my hands,

and after only a short moment

of very deep thought,

I carefully, and deliberately,

replied back to my friend,

"I am going to give this star away!

I will give it to someone

who has an important

and beautiful wish

that they need fulfilled."

Grateful Hearts

Red Night

Red Night

The Joy

And, I found this

to be a very easy decision

for me because, you see,

I had all that I

had ever wished for already:

My family's health;

Shelter from the elements;

Daily food;

Clean water to drink;

Air to breathe;

Legs to walk; and,

Peace in my heart

from the Great Love

of our Heavenly Father!

Therefore, what more

could I possibly wish for?

Grateful Hearts

Orange Night

Orange Night

The Need

I ended up giving the star away

to my friend who was beside me,

because he had an important

and beautiful wish to be fulfilled!

He wanted his heart to be made

whole, again!

Grateful Hearts

Sapphire Night

Sapphire Night

The Living Star

You see, upon the sight

of my holding a breathing,

twinkling, living star

within my very hands,

(that fell from the midnight sky),

my dear friend had a massive heart-attack!


A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart!

Grateful Hearts

Blessed Night!

Blessed Night!

Grateful Hearts

Desert Night

Desert Night

Grateful Hearts, Creative Writing


A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart!

© 2017 Tamara Yancosky


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on June 16, 2018:

NatureBoy, Thank you for your beautiful testimony. This diet plan that you have mentioned is a very healthy one, and I know for a fact that what we put into our bodies makes the difference between thriving, and merely surviving.

I am so glad that you were encouraged by this post, and that The Lord led you to it, if it has indeed inspired the betterment of yourself, and others, through your message.



Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington, DC USA on June 16, 2018:

Magnificently written, Tamara.

I get the feeling that you were being shown your friend was in need of you not wanting to keep him alive but wanting you to let him go so he could become whole again, his condition and destiny required his passing. All to often our selfishness causes our love one(s) to suffer to fulfill out attachment to them.

I am reminded of a friend of mine whose wife's cancer was down to the last 2 months and he wore sunglasses to hide his red eyes. When I saw his state I suggested he give his wife a message from me but he insisted I write it to her.

Basically what I told her was if she love him she would go to a totally raw diet heavy with dark green leafy vegetables supplemented with raw fruit and nuts but no animal fat including dairy. A month after she was to have died she was driving herself to chemo and the nurse asked her what had she done to become so healthy. When she told her the nurse went out and returned with 3 books saying the very same thing I had told her - I've told many people in my nomadic sojourn but never knew of any results - and when they returned home they discussed it, she didn't want to be in a land who rather treat the symptoms rather than cure the conditions and got off of the diet and in some two weeks discarnated.

Her passing was a living breathing star placed in my hand, a confirmation that my message is valid, continue to tell others about it. In that light, your receiving the living breathing midnight star is also a message telling me to continue on spreading what I am. Thank you very much for it, no wonder I was told to "star" the notice, I need that star as a confirmation today.


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on April 21, 2018:

Thank you, Manatita :-) He sustains me.

manatita44 from london on April 20, 2018:

Sweat self-offering in your poetry. Gratitude is the life-breath of God.

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on March 09, 2018:

Your words are always laced with kindness and beauty. Thank you, Dream On. I am deeply moved, and honored by your comment.

DREAM ON on March 08, 2018:

We all need a star in our life. Yours keeps giving long after the day is over. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everywhere I look I see incredible love. You share that in all your writings. Have a fun filled afternoon.

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on March 04, 2018:

Bill, thank you so much :-) I am grateful for blessings always!



Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 04, 2018:

Lovely work! Sending you blessings from afar!

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 29, 2017:

Thank you, Dream On, for your very sweet and poetic comment.

During the holidays, I have taken some time off from writing as things have been busy. I will be back hopefully soon.

Tamara xxx

DREAM ON on December 29, 2017:

I hope your friend is doing well. I think that star you have in your hands has split in two. That means you both get to have the wishes you both need and want. Very beautiful writings. Thank you for being my friend.

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 22, 2017:

Thank you, Hari :-) I do appreciate your very kind words. After the holidays pass, I will be more active on Hubpage, again.



Hari Prasad S from Bangalore on December 22, 2017:

Pass on the blessings,

Become someones angel.

Tamara, nice poem.

- hari

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 19, 2017:

Thank you, Billy Bob! Your comment is very much appreciated. Yes, Hallelujah!!! Amen, in Jesus’ Name!

Billy Bob on December 19, 2017:

Very nice Tamara! All Thanks be to GOD! for giving the greatest Gift, JESUS to whosoever will believe. Our Savior

Who gives the gift of eternal life & mends the broken heart!


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 17, 2017:

A beautifully wise comment, Bill :-)

Thank you xxxooo

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on December 17, 2017:

Well, Tamara, you ask the question, "what more could I possibly wish for?" When you tie gratefulness and joy together, I guess there really isn't much else, except the giver of both - Jesus!

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 11, 2017:

Awwe, thank you Chitrangada. This is so sweet of you to say. Your words are treasured by me, dear Butterfly.



Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on December 11, 2017:

Beautifully expressed poem! Loved the title and this is so true.

Thanks for sharing this and a great day to you!

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 06, 2017:


Wow, that was fast! I just barely submitted it for publication, and then “Bam!, a comment from you..lol.

This is the first time I’ve ever received a comment in such lightening-like speed! (LOL)

Thank you so much; it means a lot to me.



Ryan Jarvis Cornelius from Hollywood Florida on December 06, 2017:

Glad I read this. I needed to hear this today

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