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The Joy of Ice Cream


The Joy of Ice Cream

Summer is here Warm weather is too Ice cream is what you eat To help keep you cool It comes in many flavors It comes in many forms It's sold in lots of places From ice cream shops to stores

Wherever you go Ice cream is too Even the ice cream truck has yummy ice cream for you Whatever you want Whatever your heart desires Whatever ice cream flavor your tummy requires

Be it chocolate, strawberry Vanilla or mint A Hot Fudge Sunday Or,a Banana Split A popsicle A raspberry slushie A frosty paw for your dog named Rusty An ice cream cone A ice cream bar A Ice cream cake And, so much more

Great for parties Great for events Beloved by all Both people & pets It might be a splurge but, never a regret At the end of the day It's money well spent

It makes you happy It keeps you refreshed Ice cream we love you You are the best!

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