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The Joy and the Madness of Another Indian Summer

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Trying to find solace in the most random of moments

Searching for laughter in the comfortable and familiar

Victories that seemed hollow and short lived in the end

Developing a strong constitution to remain standing

No matter how strong those gale force winds are

Looking for a jaunt away from the doubts that plagued

Enjoying a nice escape from the air conditioner blowing

Cooped up indoors for far too long this freefall of a year

Confined to the perils of working from home for the foreseeable future

Wondered when it would be time for the healing to truly begin

A heart that was no longer covered in calluses

Doubting whether all the good people in the world retired

From the social scene to never be seen from again

Wondered what it was like to be considered normal

Doubted it was even in the cards for someone like this

With so much physical, medical and emotional baggage

Frustrated that the answers aren't as clearly defined

To the rest of the world when it only seemed clear to you

The patient who believed that more was under the surface

Not matching up to what blood test and ultrasound stated

Debated that this mystery was one that was never meant

To be given a satisfactory conclusion in the immediate future

Wearing out all the remaining relationships still standing

Sick of being labelled as overly fragile and sensitive

Hard to find strength within when your head full of useless material

Wanted to find something positive on the airwaves

Only found high school level arguments and innuendos

Sticking to past and recorded programming to stay afloat

Ready to find a solution to this endless problem

Not so easy when playing the waiting game

Impossible for someone who never grew any type of patience

Will have to watching The Golden Girls in the meantime

It is what it is.

Four comfortable friends on the small screen.

Four comfortable friends on the small screen.

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