The Journey of the Restless Perfectionist

Updated on March 12, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Perfection is a blemish on an otherwise clean vanity mirror

Just add some Windex and the white smudgy mess

Will vanish into the abyss of the Bounty paper towel

A smooth operating corporate raider by day

Someone that was raised by wolves and Bernie Madoff

Willing to sometimes walk the elderly across a busy intersection

No matter how many taxi drivers flip them off in the process

Too busy securing the next big business deal to notice

Impossible to pin down a constantly moving target anyways

With armor piercing rounds or Cupid's Arrow from 50 paces

An overachiever wearing out their high-top Keds in six months

Running from one assignment to the next non-stop

Always thinking about 55 hour work week staring at a 16.5 inch screen

Nothing else seems to matter beyond the miniscule workspace shoebox

Not even the next 24 hours come up on the imminent horizon

Personal life is an optical delusion created to make everything else

Seem worthwhile for the time being; until the paycheck comes

Found something close to an authentic brass ring slightly out of grasp

Always falling short of grabbing hold of that utopic slice of Apple Pie

Crashing to the gymnasium flood with a resounding thud

Laughed by in front of the entire Freshman class for just missing it

For every step forward, going three steps in the opposite direction

Thinking those stinking happy thoughts like rest of the Stepford drones

Works well in the cold halogen beams of broad daylight

Sadly, at nighttime that's when the wheels fall off the bus

This all-business surgeon can outmaneuver everyone but their thoughts

Hard to turn them off when internal DVD player on a continuous loop

Bright intense pictures laced with lingering self-doubt

Make it impossible to sit still; let alone sleep for a good seven hours

Difficult to be yourself; especially when unsure of what you're like

Under the influence of REM sleep and many generational bad habits

Time to deal with those bedtime quirks once and for all

No more sweeping them under the endlessly deep magic carpet

Needs to be thrown out anyways

Confronting the past and the present for a better restful future

Just what the doctor ordered


A vision of imperfection behind the looking glass.
A vision of imperfection behind the looking glass.


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