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The Journey of Thousand Dreams...

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Penning thoughtful poems, composing sonatas, scripting lyrics elevates my mood. I take time to vent my passion by composing narrative poems.

A thousand dreams where,

every dream takes your breath away,

the colorful and the surreal dreams,

all feel less compared to the infinite space which can hold them.

Trudging the rocky, uneven paths,

in the quest for self-discovery,

I find hope to be my companion,

and faith to be the torchbearer.

Getting into the simple labyrinth,

may look easy and straight,

but the path to exit is complex,

which is the real essence of self-discovery.

Once you get in, you are a part of it,

and are till the illusion ends, but it is never so,

The shape remains the same even if many enter,

The only way out is to fight-or-persist.

Hold on, keep your burning faith alive,

till you reach the final gate,

wherein you are face to face at the testing phase,

a stage that will bring out the best in you.

In the ultimate search for self-actualization,

its only sacrifice and sacrifice,

navigating the complex mazes at every corner,

with your intuition and tact.

© 2020 Danny