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The Journey (New Years Day Special Poem)

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Jo has been writing since she was 11 years old. She loved the escape and feel that words bring. She took an elective in English.


On a day filled with clear blue skies
I look at the trees rising around me,
I walk this grassy pathway
That goes as far as my eyes can see,

At first, I seem to not understand
Why I've taken this path,
I question my decisions
My road, My Map,

I want to say I had it all together
The supplies for this adventure,
but I treaded unknown waters
Lurking with the unknown danger,

Overwhelmed by my surroundings
As the trees seem to loom and lean down,
Feeling congested and trapped all of a sudden
As if I'm sinking into solid ground,

Is the water getting deeper?
I think I might drown,
The winds are picking up!
I can't seem to hold myself down,

But with this storm trying to pull me under
Help me God as I look to You,
And like a calming wind rushing over
Deep down I knew...

These trees by the waters
That seems to sleep under the sun,
No matter how hot the day gets
They know the cooling night would soon come,

There are birds flying about
Some perched upon their young,
Instead of worrying about tomorrow
They sing their carefree song,

And just like that
You push through the storm,
With every cold gusting wind
You continue to stay warm,

Every heartache and pain
That life threw your way,
He makes the sunrise
Bring in a new day.

God has planned everything
Though at times I forget,
Every decision I have made
All the people I have met.

It all adds up to me
How far I trusted His word,
It was always up to me
Every choice in this world.

And now I don't fear this path
That seems to shape my personality,
I don't fear the process.
The knowledge. The Journey.

© 2022 Jo