The Journey Down

Updated on December 23, 2017

Do you ever wonder what it's like to feel all the pain rushing through you
Yet, to feel nothing at all?
Trying to throw on a smile, hiding the shivers of fragile hands
A lump rest in your throat, nesting those harsh cries
The pounds of your heart, thrashing against your chest
So hard, the echoes vibrate your ears
But so soft, only you can hear
Attemp to hold on to the little thing called hope
Then, giving up and experiencing your whole world crumbling around you
To feel cracks in the wall you've built,
Slowly decaying your strength
Tear by tear, racing towards the finish line
Your heart shattering beneath your skin,
Screams escaping through your chapped lips
Eventually, accepting your worst nightmare
That no one can hear your pleas nor can you feel them
As they rush through your weakened soul
Ever so slowly, realizing that as you stare at your reflection with a smile
You have reached eternal damnation

© 2017 TaliaWilson


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