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The Journey Called Life


I am on the journey called life
I have limited time
I have tickets of fixed breaths
I can travel as long as
I have time and breaths to spend
I have been carrying one bag
which is full of dreams and hope
This journey is not only soft and silky
There are many ups and downs
There are many stations of obstacles
called failures and rejections
But I have to cross them and go further
to reach the milestones like happiness and success
And the most amazing thing about
this journey is I never know
which station is coming
Each station is ready to surprise me
During this journey I have been
meeting so many people
I have been collecting memories
and gaining knowledge and experience
I am filling my bag with some souvenirs
of love and joy and all the impressions
of my deeds
I am filling my bag with some unfulfilled
wishes and dreams
I know that when my journey will end
Only this bag will travel with me to heaven
And my next journey will be decided
according to the merit of my bag.

© 2020 thoughtsprocess