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The Pickle Jar


“Daddy please I need you

I’m just a little kid.

I want a pickle sandwich

but I cannot move this lid.”

I puff my chest with macho pride

I know I won’t be beat.

I’ll take this challenge in my stride

I’m the strongest on my street.

I take the jar between my hands

and feel my muscles tighten.

It disobeys all my commands

It really is quite frightening.

I feel the sweat upon my brow

don’t make me look a fool

I’ll take you too my man shed

in there I’ll find a tool.

I put the lid into the vice

and grip tight on the jar

I try and try to twist it off

nice try but no cigar.

My wife and son are laughing

I do not get the joke.

I am feeling like a failure

My macho prides been broke.

We were tired of your bragging

to bring you down a peg or two.

We opened up the pickle jar

and stuck the lid back on with glue.

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