The Italian Rhymes

Updated on November 10, 2017

The Italian Job

Charlie Croker and his friends.
Go to Venice for Gold bullion.
They have a successful heist.
But are faced with their own personal heist.
With their inside man named STEVE.
He was supposed to be on their team.
He has loyal men distract.
While he steals the bullion behind their backs.
Roker and his crew find it out.
But Steve's already out.
Gone for months Scott free.
Enough time to get a new ID.
But a can't hide from Charlie.
Charlie knows he plans on laundering.
Laundering the gold to Los Angelos.
To a Jeweler named YEVHEN.
To finance his lavish lifestyle.
Meanwhile, Charlie tracking him down.
So he gathers up his team.
Looking to get revenge on Steve.
Steve killed his mentor John.
Charlie recruits his daughter to get on.
She meets the team while they plan it out.
First starting it all with a stakeout.
They stake out Steve's Mansion.
STELLA acts like a cable technician.
She maps out Steves place.
That helps them locate the safe.
He offers to take her on a date.
Charlie devises an explosive plan.
& he has just the right man.
LEFT EAR, his explosive expert.
He feels that this plan will work.
They plan to blow up the safe.
When they go out on the date.
NAPSTER hacks into the traffic system.
He shows that he controls the system.
Three heavily cars.
Will be ready to carry the gold bars.
Later, they try the heist.
They find a party's on the same night.
The Party happens to be his neighbors.
They abort their plan but find better.
While they are on the date.
The team arrives and the look on Steve's face.
He was shocked. He thought they died.
There was no way they could have survived.
He says he has the upper hand.
But knows that Charlie will have a plan.
A plan to steal his gold.
Steve kills Yevhen because he knows.
He knows about the Venice heist.
He angers MASHCOV the same night.
Steve is hunted by Mascov and Charlie.
He tries leaving to Mexico city.
Along with the Gold.
While Napster has control.
Has control of citywide systems.
Steve's aware that it is Charlie's Wisdom.
Charlie steals all of his gold.
While leaving Steve to deal with Mashcov.

Mark Whalberg
Charlize Theron
Jason Statham
Seth Green
Mos Def
Left Ear
Edward Norton

F Gary Gray


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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