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The Interconnection—Poem

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core

The interdependence in Nature

The interdependence in Nature

The thoughts behind the poem—The Interconnection and the Interdependence in Nature

Everything in Nature is interconnected and interdependent. Whether it’s the human beings, the plants or the animals, or any other living creature, nothing is in isolation.
If you are observant, you can clearly see this. Whether it’s the food cycle or the life cycle, everything in Nature is connected and interdependent.
This is a vast topic of discussion.
Here, I express it very briefly, through my poem.


“You are never alone, when you are connected with Nature.”

—Nature Quotes

“In the spirit of Nature, everything is interconnected.”

— Author unknown

The Interconnection: Poem

Everything is there, for a reason,

It’s true, that there is an equation,

Every question has an answer,

and an answer, must have a question,

One and one become two,

so that, the two can become one,

The seconds, make a minute,

and minutes, make an hour,

The birds can’t have a home,

without the green trees,

The bees, the butterflies can’t be,

without the fragrant flowers,

The flowers can’t multiply,

without the bees, butterflies,

The clouds can’t roam,

without the sky,

The rainfall can’t happen,

without the dark clouds,

The Sunrise can’t happen,

without the Sunset,

The days can’t be,

without the nights,

The humans can’t breathe,

If there are no trees,

Nature is interdependent,

Can’t separate a part from the whole.

Everything is interconnected in Nature

Everything is interconnected in Nature

© 2021 Chitrangada Sharan

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