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The Infant's First Embrace

Louwelyn is a faculty member of Batangas State University, Philippines. She teaches social science subjects.


The first embrace comes from a mother,

After delivering her child.

It serves as the very first moment,

Where they develop their first bond.

It is but through the instincts that the child recognizes,

That the woman under the covers is a mother so nice.

A baby knows his mother at the instance of the first touch.

He succumb to her bosom for comfort and warmth.

The thing called first embrace has a lot of benefits.

The act leaps over barriers and transcends through boundaries.

The development of a child can be fully fulfilled.

If the children who are born will receive their first embrace.

A mother's first embrace is a very precious gift.

From the womb down the tomb, one will never forget.

It cannot be denied nor be taken for granted.

That the very simple act can also prevent death.

It is but amazing to see such a great feat.

Where a mother holds her child whom forever she waits.

Isn’t it wonderful to watch such a scene?

Where all of us had started and all of us has been.


© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal

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