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The Indoor Game

Paul Joseph is a popular freelance journalist and column writer. He is famous on the internet for his matchless poetical language and style

Indoor games are more intense
Than any interesting outdoor game
I play only indoor games
No matter, how desperately I fail.

I don’t play outdoor games
As I’m photosensitive
People cheer and applaud
As long as you win the game

Indoor is more engaging
It involves sweat and swears
Even fatal shameful foul
But in no time, one is obsessive

Outdoor games are apt for ones
-who ardently seek admiration
Outdoor players have significance
Only if there are spectators

Unlike is my game indoors, for
Rules are strict but inconsistent
If the court is dark and wet,
I wrestle with myself all the time
I was once a ‘one-hit-wonder’
When there was light indoors

An indoor player may seem inferior
To extrovert outside performer
But, indoor game is more intense
Than any outdoor sport

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