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The Indifference

Harish Mamgain is passionate about writing. He loves poetry.


The Indifference

Eager to lend their ears, but no
tales are heard
The host waits for them patiently,
No one knocks on the door

Why blithe do you behave,
When guys go their way
Only thorns exist, some in eyes
and some in hearts

The orchard weeps, flowers cry
The gardner has forgotten them
The river cajoles, boats laugh,
But the boatman has turned reticent

Be careful now, of the beloved
Who breaks the heart into pieces
Dulcet talks only, the beloved likes ,
Two harsh words, never meets again

Aee how huge egos they carry now,
Apathetic they roam in the world
Strange is this city, guys look so rude

What kind of men were they, fought
And mingled the next day
Who gets upset now, never turns again

© 2019 Harish Mamgain