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The Illusive Existence of Democracy

I enjoy challenging as well as quite adventurous roles, though I'd love the workplace to be quiet it doesn't really matter to me, I'm lookin


Just An Illusion

Not an alien in its terms, but in a realistic sense,

A basic notion that represents us,

Starting from the capitalist ideology

To the one “socializing” it more,

Communism being its core,

Leaders changing their thoughts again,

Gandhi led the anarchy, with not much pain,

Finally the “PERFECT” comes . . promising the good

But the deeds are never forgiven,

Crooked politics start,

We being the targets

and they become the spiked darts,


All its pillars but the “4th” are driven to death,

The last one being the fascist substitute,

May it is a dictatorship, but the woke liberals keep themselves mute,

All but democracy implemented on its citizens,

Leading us to a belief that this is how the democratic ideology works,

Making it far away from the “UTOPIAN” world we wish for,

Pseudo-democracy paving its way

Waiting for the time when well need permission for even checking our drawers

© 2022 Arthur Linen

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