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The Illusionist - Deception

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Deception - W h o I s I

Deception - W h o I s I

Words for an itch
For a stitch
For gullibles trading my game
Words for a fix
Then six
Come watch me play

Trick: Please

Let me in
Let me sink
Into your waters
Drown the clamour of rusted daggers

Please believe
And dream
Of tomorrow
Hereon, I promise, there is no sorrow

Trick: Sorry

That clamour
Those daggers
Still, keep me awake
A symphony that echoes under my frame

But trust me
I need you, so wait
Exorcise the echoes so you can stay

Trick: Thank You

I scour
My sour
And rotten wounds
In your waters. I am hale and new

Thank You
Oh faithful
Or should I say, fool
A magician on display. You're at use

© 2019 W h o I s I


BBYCGN from Uninhabited Regions on March 23, 2019:

Love the rhythm! I felt myself singing it! ♥️