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The Ideological Way

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


There you go again,

talking as if you have no sin.

Call people names,

despite wearing armor made of tin.


You pound your chest,

proclaiming your beliefs are the best.

And you forget those thoughts

coming from the rest.


You get hooked on your ideological way

and babble and rant through night and day.

Much about “truth” you don’t understand

when your enemies show you the righteous way.


You talk about others drinking the ‘Kool-Aid’,

when you hear your opponent’s tirade.

But you’re stuck on your ideological way,

and a hypocrite you’ve been made.


Oh, you and your ideological way;

Critical thinking fades away.

Logic is an aberration

and the meaning of facts decay.


Left, right, center:

just black and white thoughts enter.

One’s the enemy

and compromise is just a dreamy blur.


Divide you want

from those who don’t share your thought.

Evil you call them,

such talk reveals civility you never bought.


You think you possess the Golden Rule

and those you oppose as brainless fool.

Such tough talk

from a following tool.


Yes, you battle for your ideological way,

drowning out other’s ability for a say.

Your mental slavery

only means you really don’t have much to say.


© 2018 Dean Traylor

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