The Humble Stars

Updated on October 24, 2017

My first piece of writing

I love the sprinkled stars

But I hate their shining lights

Always wondered why

It made sense sometimes

Flashy stars up in the sky

Clear for the naked eye

What about those left behind

The one’s too humble and choose to hide

Even if you’re gaze is far

Soon you realize your crime

You took it a little too far

Such a foolish human you are

Thinking you’re worthy of a sight

One look and you magically turn bright

Have some grace and pretend to fight

A room is there for you if you like

You see the door but no lock to find

Maybe it needs a password of some kind

Flashback and my soul is never found

Is this a dream or a game land?

All I wanted was to watch the stars

Be my guest and dress the cowardice gown

Act like this too much for the mankind

Let the humble stars speak out loud

It is not easy dodging the spotlight

Temptation is man worst possess

Or shall I say a disguise in bless

Make no sense to you that’s alright

Only the humble stars can relate

Reflect affection and regret

That you have everything

Blindfolded with nothingness

Claiming victimized is a sin

All sinners you announce

And with such excuse, you pronounce

The words of truth shall guide you

What does that mean may I ask?

And does it carry actuality in its back

So many questions yet to be asked

Is this secret ever going to unmask?

The mystery of a perfect life

With the humble stars until you die

Perfection is simplicity

Hint of difficulty and a pinch of normality

The humble stars send you its regards

With a wise message to those who abide

We are the humble stars, your Honor

Happy to accept you as one of our kind

No week of taming as a demand

So long as you withstand the wrath of time

Lose your prejudice to the shining stars

They deserve it better it’s a fact

Welcome to our world you now a member

Of the real humanity club your order

Nothing please serve the rest

Mine leave it for later!

© 2017 ItharLaban


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