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The Human Sociopathic Stain on Society's Scaly Wall

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Believed to be a supposed member of the human race

Not entirely the case that it seems to be

Got the look and the feel of flesh and blood

Once you get past the outer shell

All that's left is the robot hardware of a Terminator

A hard charging machine going through the motions

Ready to fulfill orders on a moment's notice

Even if it meant killing John Connor

A dubious for anyone hardwired with a soul and conscience

Not someone, or something, without any to speak

Body maybe crawling with non-existent spiders

Still going on the hunt all the same

Life became a series of routines without emotion

Or any type of pure unadulterated physical pleasure

Started to think that my humanity chip damaged in the fire

A few crossed wires or loose bolts came undone

Able to laugh and smile very mildly

Just doesn't feel natural in the slightest

Unable to connect with friends and loved ones truly

Like Patrick Bateman; I'm simply not there and an American Psycho

Actually, I'm a hologram that people bring out for concerts and events

An optical illusion that fades away when the software breaks

One that comes and goes when the lights go on and off

A visual sociopath who was a feast for the eyes

Everything scraped away from gloom and medication

Nothing and no one can crack this complicated mystery

Is it a medical or a mental anomaly that's causing this?

Hard to say because the body is a complex organism

That not even Albert Einstein could figure out

If he had all the time in the world

Ready to have this unknown problem figured out

Sick of pretending to be alive when it was further from truth

Let's get cracking, people.

This patient needs to be cured. Stat.

Eyewear for the perfect terminator.

Eyewear for the perfect terminator.

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