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The Human Condition


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

That Which Is Best in Our Nature Keeps Being Threatened by That Worst in Us.

That Which Is Best in Our Nature Keeps Being Threatened by That Worst in Us.

Relationships with negative people are simply tedious encounters with porcupines. You don't have the remote knowledge how to be close to them without quills being shot in your direction.

-- Shannon L. Alder

Just like some single parent is shaking their head in a disbelief over their misbehaving kids, our Maker -- whatever name you want to give him/it -- must be asking themselves that same question: "Where did I go wrong with these kids?" At the other end, those kids -- the mankind -- keep raising their eyes towards the sky with eternal question: "Why is this God so hard to please?" Somewhere in between is this field of quantum, containing infinite potentiality and just waiting, like Aladdin's genie, for our commands to manifest our human destiny. And we are placing those orders -- with our personal and collective thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes -most of which are a sheer crap - while genie is obeying it all, not discriminating. Well, our deities -- whatever names we gave them -- never went wrong, since they gave us something like the ability to choose. And what we are having in our "human condition" is merely the result of that choosing.

The following two pieces of my prose in rhymes are depicting this human situation. They may hide an invisible line between pessimism and realism, but let reader decide what prevails.

Our Collective Quantum Screwups

On what is known as the quantum layer

which is giving all material world its birth

our every single thought is like a prayer

affecting us all, and affecting the Earth.

Like magnet giving metal shavings a shape

so reality shapes with thoughts that persist

and that's responsibility we cannot escape

as we constantly affect the way we coexist.

All anger and hate breed more of the same

because we are always at reality's source

perpetuating grudges, intolerance, blame

we generate destructive quantum force.

Our bodies are just aspect of our mind

a bundle of energy vibrating as the matter

and the same is true about body of mankind

collective thinking making reality worse or better.

Focused on not-wanted while inspired by the news

we create in a vicious cycle what we don't want

so busy emanating massive emotional blues

we are paying for a same result up front.

We cannot activate genes of health

with all this negative mental addiction

focused on conflicts, greed, and wealth

we'll always produce nothing but friction.

Once we turned in motion this Unfortune Wheel

it keeps turning and turning -- like forever after

and unless we change what we think and feel

from heavens we'll hear nothing but laughter.

Smartness and Stupidity Have Been Evolving Side by Side, and Sometimes It's Hard to Tell Them Apart

Smartness and Stupidity Have Been Evolving Side by Side, and Sometimes It's Hard to Tell Them Apart

Two things are infinite: universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe.

-- Albert Einstein

The Evolution of Stupidity

Due to some factors unfathomable to me

the mysterious genius of the ancient man

started to decline into the stupidity spree

never to recover, and that's how it began.

Man used to be mighty in his spirit and mind

created some marvels of architecture and art

the ones that are still unrepeatable by our kind

in short -- we were god-like, powerful and smart.

But our animal gene, and the other that's divine

got in the fateful competition within our genome

brain started behaving like after too much wine

man getting alienated from his celestial home.

War after war, arrogance and greed

followed that era of harmony and love

we started grabbing more that we need

as the animal in us became our god above.

And that's how all the stupidity got on a rise

complicating coexistence into one we know

with a sad minority still awakened and wise

silent in shadows of consciousness so low.

Stupidity even generated insane false pride

glorifying mass murder and ruthless stealing

victorious and blind keeping conscience aside

as if void of compassion, or any humane feeling.

In that process we became masters of deception

making fools of those gullible in their blind trust

brainwashing the mankind with little exception

spreading religion, but also gluttony and lust.

So here we are, a top shelf of god's creation

advanced in technology but stupid as ever

with few rare specimens as if incarnation

of those forever gone, divine and clever.

O.K., enough of serious stuff -- let's be amused with funny side of human stupidity

© 2020 Val Karas

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