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The How's

How do you end the darkness?
You light a fire
A fire within yourself
A fire that will linger on.

How do you quench the thirst?
You let things flow
When everybody says drink
Sometimes, letting go can do.

How do you get back from pain?
You feel it
Suppressing it will not do
Pain makes the world go.

How do you keep the tears from flowing?
You smile
It hurts and stupid
But we all do this every time.

How do you say I Love You?
You act
Words are not enough
Words are empty unless you do them right.

How do you wave the white flag?
You just say 'enough'
It's a magical word
It can even unite us.

How do you end a sentence?
You put a mark
A mark that will linger
A sentence that will change someone's life.

© 2021 Old Notebook Poetry

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