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A Poem called "The Hour of the Wolf"

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Art credit:

The Hour of the Wolf ~

The night is ending its glimmers,
Darklings recoiling in fear.
Something inside me shivers,
The hour of the wolf is near.

Then is when sleepless are haunted,
By what they most of all dread.
And nightmares that never are wanted,
Come swiftly to everyone's bed.

Silence, moon, stars are now fragile,
Dawn extends them a silent plea.
The demons are now the most agile...
What about those inside me?

My mind is restless and wary,
Questions lacking answers are asked.
So often, conclusions are scary,
Maybe we're all just well-masked.

Countless times I feel like I'm blind,
I know what I want to be:
Brave, selfless, righteous, and kind,
In addition to everything, free.

I fight hard to make good prevail,
And commit against no one a sin.
But am I one of the good on the scale
Or is there a tyrant within?

Maybe it's all an illusion,
And I'm not trying enough...
I piercingly scream in confusion,
Nights like these are always rough.

My beliefs are possessions that matter,
As I deeply inhale, observing the sky:
We can all try harder, be better...
... could I?

- A Poet in Attempt

~ About the Poem

Human beings are complex creations: there's both good and evil inside every one of them. They can always surprise by being capable of committing immense good or inflict the greatest evil. Humans can save the world, or throw it into the abyss. We're all capable of both. But everyone can choose. We all get to choose what kind of mark we want to leave during our time on Earth.

For those who choose to do their best to be better, and do good things in this world, there's always an important question:

Am I doing enough?

That question is always unanswered. But if we're all doing the best we can, that should be enough...., right?

© 2020 Ivana Divac