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The Hot Nights That I Remember

I Put Off Only To Do Later

I wake up with these incredible dreams

My heart pushing out of my chest

The hot sweat pours down my forehead

There is no use in wiping it away

It will only come back

More and more

Faster and faster

So I squint as the salt irritates my eyes

Outside nature grows in all conditions

When I am inside I can't wait to be outside

Then when I am outside I can't wait to be inside

I am confused

My thoughts are all interrupted by heatwaves

I reach for one water only to grab another

All my energy is twisted in a wreck

No different than a car that is totaled

I watch as my wife deals with a headache and lays down

I bring up the sheets in a ball of heat

Straight from the dryer

It's not long before I strip down shirtless and to my underwear

As the heat has always been my well kept secret

Kind a funny that I end up working in a kitchen cooking

Where the fans are too small and the heat is all around me

It does me no good to complain

No comfort in the humidity and the quiet pain

Suffering in silence

Of years gone past

The littlest movement of desperation

How can a home filled with so many windows

Lack cool air

Reminds me there is no where to go

Are air conditioners one piled on the other

We hold off as long as we can

Hesitant because we love fresh air so much

Ready to be put in the bedroom and our living room

For now we let two stand up fans

Cool off our hottest moments