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The Hopes and Joys of a Teacher

A daughter of Candido Luistro, a retired security guard and Patricia Luistro, a public school teacher . She has five younger siblings.


Beyond the slopes and hills of a mountain,

she traverses the valleys and paths uncertain.

To meet blanks slates and empty canvasses,

and turn them into bright minds and nurture them to greatness.

Her chosen endeavor is not like anybody else.

It takes a lot of passion and great tons of patience.

For before a blank slate can be turned into an art,

She must become an artist who makes a good craft.

Her skill knows no bounds, imagination unparalleled.

She knows a lot of virtue that she keeps on being shared.

Her ideas are limitless like a well that’s very deep.

Her dedication is so mighty and her promises are kept.

She finds joy in simple things like a plant longs for rain.

She finds hope in everything even in the most hurting pain.

She keeps on believing that her little set of canvass,

Will soon turn to masterpieces and the world will be surprised.

I am not just a bystander for I have seen all her hardships.

I am not just a nobody, for she let me see her greatness.

I cannot share her agonies but she had shared with me so much.

I cannot find more words to say, for my words won’t be enough.

I pray for her happiness and all that is good.

I pray for her joys will always be in brood.

I pray for her hopes to always light her way.

I pray for her happiness no matter where she stays.

She is my inspiration in all the things I do.

She is my greatest mentor that never lets me blue.

The hopes and joys of the teacher are just the same with mine.

After all she is my mother until the end of time.

© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal

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