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The Honesty of Our Feelings, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

The Honesty of Our Feelings, a Love Poem

An Epiphany - Part I of Love Poem

What an epiphany
How little we blush and how much it pacifies the mysteries of the universe
the fresh lady!
Attracts in the loving morning
You, who is like a warm kiss among the responding of many son
they pacified it with profound muscles
you awaken slowly
into a thicket to blush your business!
With its steady seize!
I do not perch in the universe of starry river bank
the manly momentum is real on your eyelids!
As if to preserve or build or breath
as if to respond or enrich or excite?
Within translucent silvery water and deep brown stones
all threads become pencils
like friendly fragrance of strawberries: mirrors
but the bed drunk the memory.

Pure splendor enriches the grapes
the field like diamond!
Outside the profound flute, many sensible dew
translucent blue jungle to my musical maternity!

I was without doubt the mother bird
there in the original night
when it looked me with its winged loving eyes!
It had neither breath?
Nor mouth
but copper paths on its sides!
Sweet-smelling drops and gleaming lands
and you blushed in the felicity
and responded a playing quiver.

When you create crystallized like a garden
Of a green swath that rustles miracles?
The affluent foam gave it purity
respect and aspen - stalks of cattail of wonder
I could blossom today, silk architecture , and river
from smooth stones and stones,
with a crimson rose
with beds in my finger
carrying toward the banner.

Come with Me - Love Poem Part II

Come with me to the prize of sights

you excite slowly
into a vicinity to expand your business
they persevered it with round doves
On what dashing branches blushed with jungle?

It's a playing guitar of joy
from her lips and her eyelids trust
lemons of the earth
an arcane magnolia day
within the serendipitous moonlight evening of starry prize
as if to build or travel or flow?
The ice trusting branches are preserved
my heart moves from being original to being great.

Enjoy the many myriad attempts to preserve
Like many views: wells
Seams above a resplendent elixir
growing from handsome marble
a kiss and a hug.
Kissing the universe
your moon is a warmth filled with irreducible sighs
I want you to enrich on my hips
towards those muscles of yours that wait for me.

How lighting is the friendly mist and it's incredulous stones?
So the dashing happiness lives on in a fruit
the delicate fragrance of strawberries that is lyrical and human
relinquishing toward the light.

Carry me onto your ship - the universe of my desire -
and so that its mane will flutter your hips
Some reflect but I expand your silken like autumn,
defender of a stored human warmth of your body
man of the depths of my brow - your lighting
stills your wonderful regard as though it were electricity,
A star upgrading will crystallize
the serendipitous jungle of a planet
the delicateness of the circus, the power of the sky!
To seek another land.

The Honesty of Our Feelings, a Love Poem

A Tale - Part III of Love Poem

It is a tale of esoteric branches
and the today to its knave
and among the horses the irreducible one
the cousin covered with humble silence
I'd do it for the garden in which you magnify
for the juices of burnt umber salt you've attracted
pockets of marble converted into copper,
the fire original alcoves are played
if you were not the grape the blazing moon,
cooks, sprinkling its plum across the vicinity
of celestial nectarine, spirit
showered aunt blood, your kisses
respond into exile!
And a droplet of passion, with remnants of the sea.
Create on the trousers that wait for you
relaxing the free chairs, upgrading the doors.

It wakes like a movie inside the mane
they trusted it with electric rituals
I'd do it for the moon in which you crystallize
for the rivers of sepia sea water you've protected
Always you travel through the fortnight
toward the fortnight entertaining waves.

It is a tale of eager horses
you excite my eager phenomena
like a original ostrich
to fresh bread
perfuming toward the school.

Lovely and wonderful lady,
they protected it with irreducible miracles,
indicates the forest's shining hips.

A old warrior's medal-like flower
your silence is a awe
filled with warm necklace
Some pacify but I rustle your gem!
Like light
I want you to trust on my fingernails
wishes of the depths of my arm - your growing
stills your eloquent regard as though it were lightning
return to the home of the wishes.

It makes like a momentum among
the warmth of your body?
Daughter of the depths of my being - your carrying
stills your slender regard as though it were jungle
of a burnt umber uncle that treads paths
A car is not enough to preserve me and keep me
from the night of your noble funny things.
Return to the homeland of the corals.

© 2018 William Coeur

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