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The Homing...A Poem With Music in Response to Billybuc's Photo Challenge/Prompt #1


I wrote what follows as a comment on Bill Holland's hub, asking if it was too late to write a poem in response to a few of the images in his first photo challenge. (Thank you, my friend. :-)

I was struck with the beauty of these images, the meaning of home and how our memories can be like photographs -- reflections in diminishing moments of time that capture what we had, as it once was. Our perception of time has always fascinated me.

I wrote The Homing while listening to this video by HAEVN...We Are (Symphonic Tales). When I begin to write a poem, the demands of work and daily life often cause me to store away the words in the alcoves of my imagination, where I sense them scuttling about in hiding...rather like squirrels in the attic. Sometimes, music helps me find them again.

HAEVN - We Are (Symphonic Tales)

The Homing

The view from our small attic window

No longer thrives. I sit on the wooden floor beneath it,

An orphaned child in quiet solitude.

Generations before my stay, and since, have bloomed

In this vacant dwelling that once was home,

Now shuttered in mourning, as a widow forsaken...

Bitten and worn from neglect

And the urging pale of nature's providence.

There is beauty in the forlorn stillness.

A thinning light glimmers motes of dust that emerge

As secrets from the darkness.

Fate rests peacefully in the corner beneath the eaves,

Hiding in the shadows of walls --

A lithe chameleon with crystalline eyes waiting to be seen.

Other castaways linger in a box filled with images

Wrapped in brittle strands of parchment.

Reflections of who we once were cling to each other

In such fragile arms.

Sighing, I rise.

They will be here soon, I think --

The strangers and heritors of indifference

To render our memories into clay and ash.

All that is abandoned returns to the earth from which it came.

I leave the attic through the floor and down a ladder...

My long skirt brushes against the creaking wood.

Passing through the ending doors,

I step into a brief ripening of summer.

How strange to drift again through the tenuous flow of hours.

Time is a willful measure

That binds the flesh to the becoming

Of what has already been.

My eyes closing, I walk past my epitaph

Carved in stone with thistle-weed hands that seek their roots

In a deepening curve.

Slowly, warmly, the horizon gathers me in a flowing embrace

And delivers me from the ebbing void.

Lightened and content,

I return to the homing.

Here, there is no estrangement of the heart,

No foreshadowing of mortality...

No dust or decay, or remembrance lost.

We are all here.

Our blooms, once pressed between the pages of time

Now share an unbounded, sensory garden of joy.

Such is the ecstasy of life

In this roundness of moment to moment of one. heaven.

Dedicated to the souls who lost their lives to the coronavirus...may they all find peace, joy and contentment in the homing.

2020 Genna Eastman

© 2020 Genna East

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